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Since our inception in 1997, the Kilpatrick Group has one mission :  to enable partnerships to serve our clients's "one global market "

We are considered a premier provider of human resource related solutions for our clients. These range from executive search for C level and C-1 to the execution of large projects for the selection of middle & junior management. 


At Kilpatrick, every employee lives the Kilpatrick values through everything that they do or say. 

We stand behind every engagement that we undertake, managing client & firm resources by working in a cost effective manner. We offer flexible business solutions to our clients. 



Kilpatrick unites its expertise with Gemini Executive Search, one of the leading German Search firms, since 2014 part of teh Kilpatrick Group. 

With 14 fully owned offices and strong partnerships with many indipendent owned search firms  -  build up in 10 years of cross border assignements  - we are directly connected to top talent  in 42 countries.